Finding Pheromones Fun

I’m glad you found pheromones helpful. I am a little bit of socially awkward, but I’m told it fits me and “cute.” I’m told I have weird mannerisms, and that they’ve never met someone like me. I just have my own unique mannerisms and I own up to them. I can kind of be in your face, and some what harsh, but I’m also very sincere and thoughtful. People know I can and will give good advice, and while I may not call them up Tuesday to ask about their weekend, they know I’ll be there when they need me for real pheromones. I’ll bring up a somewhat relevant example, I was on a first date Friday, we talked about a lot on the date, but we also talked a lot before that date ( couple weeks ). We found out I get my haircut the same place she does, and where her aunt works. Learn more at and I went in and she told me her aunt thought I was cute, and it really upset me. She had already done something like this before, but we both have close ties to this other family that it happened with, so I let it slide with pheromone production. I told her I wasn’t mad, but that I am a private person, and that I can understand and appreciate her excitement, but if my good friend, who also cuts my hair, is approached by her aunt, that I will be upset. The whole thing was creepy, I’m not that into her, and I keep my friends and family out of my dating life. I’m only going to bring in someone real special into my pheromone circles. Well on our date she brings up how much that upset her about her pheromone production. So I started prying and said why, and she first mentioned that I’m not open and maybe hiding something. And I asked her what I would be hiding and what she would wanted to know. She fumbled and couldn’t come up with anything. If I’m dating or talking to other girls she couldn’t really say anything because it was after all our first date. But then she brought up how I wouldn’t introduce her to my friends and fam right away, but she would introduce me to her friends and fam right away. I asked what the problem was, and just because I was different and don’t like to bring people in right away, why that would be upsetting. I can’t remember what she said, but I got the impression that she just felt dumb and she knew she was being dumb, and didn’t really have any grounds. I never said that, but by constantly asking her about her feelings, and how I didn’t do anything wrong, she was able to realize that on her own. If anything I earned more respect, because I stood my ground, but handled the disagreement well by displaying patience and understanding human pheromone attraction. Learn more at

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