I like this pheromone thread.

I like this pheromone thread… frankly I think most of these other guys don’t know what they are talking about… but the OP said it dead on. Going out, “Sarging” is POINTLESS unless you are an attractive person with pheromones. Thats why pick up and the like is fucking dumb as shit because you don’t need it because what matters is whether or not you are an ATTRACTIVE person. (And I’m not referring to looks here) Check out the book, “What to say when you talk to yourself” by Shad Helmstetter… that will help you learn how to like yourself… which will in turn make you attractive without pheromone colognes. Fuck what women find pheromone attractive. What you need is confidence, which I can tell you need A LOT of right now. On top of that, if you are a decent guy and have a good moral standing (which means you basically dont have a drinking problem or beat women), then you are already ahead of sooooo many guys who “use and abuse” the shit outta women. As I keep telling everyone on here, stick to your guns and start giving yourself a bit more credit. Learn more at https://vitalitysupplementsblog.wordpress.com/2017/02/18/how-to-raise-or-maintain-your-sexual-mastery-and-sell-at-your-peak/ and http://enlargement-world.blogspot.com/2017/02/you-might-be-trigger-shy-with-sex.html

Get a hobby and learn how to fix shit, or build stuff. One day you’ll find someone who doesn’t take you for granted, but you sure as hell wont find them saying that it will never happen. Also, you need to get a grip on the pheromone scents. Grab yourself by the shoulders and shake off whatever it is keeping you down. I don’t know you but I do know that you arent dead yet and wont be for a while, so Live it the fuck up. As for that job, keep it because its rent, but you need to INSTANTLY start looking around for something that makes you smile. I’m not talking about Lion Taming per say but something that you’ll goto work looking forward to your day. That job is out there somewhere, you just have to look. If you DON’T find that job that makes you happy, then you’ll not only hurt your life but it would also affect how the others around you perceive the world (such as kids later in life, your wife, etc.). Pheromones make you far more attractive. Sign up with a local gym and take a part of each day to do situps or pushups. Start out small, nothing too insane. I have faith you can turn this all around if you become !determined! Don’t stop until you get where you want to be in life. A few guys on the site have been having issues waking at the time they wish to everyday, including myself. This thread is for anyone who wants to get a handle on using pheromone perfumes – by becoming accountable for their actions on here – by finally doing something about it, by finally dedicating themselves to make this seemingly simple, but initially very difficult change – Waking the fuck up on time. So for myself – I’ve dedicated myself to 30 days of waking up at my desired time at or before- 6am. Today is my first day. It is now 6:47am – I’ve been up since 5:55am (which is a big accomplishment for me – the night before I had went to bed at this time!) so here I am, checking in so to speak. Learn more at http://hartch25.weebly.com/our-marketing-blog/moving-in-the-right-direction-with-pheromones

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