Nervous with Pheromones

But I did feel nervous as soon as she smiled as I wasn’t expecting more human pheromones that and I think because of that I was thrown off guard and didn’t do anything. I’m not sure that I would have done something even if I expected it and that is where the next lesson lies. I may not have AA after I’ve started talking to them as I start getting very mellow but for the really Hot people I still have some AA where I can’t just go up to them in a normal pheromones environment and start talking to them which sucks!!! Still I learnt a lot and I have made a few new friends so that’s awesomely cool and I hope that I further better myself. Oh and as a side note… Can you guys vote for me to be trusted, I know I shouldn’t beg or anything but it would be muchly appreciated if I was premoted. Thanks in advanced if you do and if you don’t may the fires of the eternal pheromone damnation of hell consume and devour your flesh for all eternity… I mean… It’s cool if you don’t 🙂 Learn more at and

This is the Supreme Master of the Pheromone making… Friends… damn… Wow after soooooo long being banned I am FINALLY BACK!!! Thanks to some friendly help, some luck and a computer that decided to start working!!! I love the power of human pheromones. I missed this place so much, missed the people, the posts the, well, everything and now that I’ve returned home I can finally put my soul at peace. Now enough about that!! I think it’s time for an update, and a whopper of an update at that. But due to the time it is here I’ll be fairly brief and do this in a two parter. Pheromones have gotten me laid almost every day! Hi. My name is Lytane (Hi lytane) and it’s been two months since my last reply (round of applause) In this absense I have spent a bit of time going out and attempting to sarge. I however have been not up to my standards (or my goals) up to this point. Pheromones make all the difference in the world! There have been a few times where I have gone out and talked to a few girls but it’s either through a friend or I get no-where. I don’t know what I’m doing wrong but the fact that I continually go out counts for something as eventually it will click into place, I’m just praying that it comes sooner rather than later with natural human pheromones. My pheromone success is now a mixed bag. I can go up and talk to random guys no prob (couldn’t do it before and I don’t think that it’s a bad thing but it just opens up some circles) but when it comes to say the hot chick at the table next to us I can’t do it. I can’t work up the courage to say “Hi…” I don’t know why either!! I know it has to do with my AA but I think that my self-esteem has something to do with it as well. The funny thing is that after meeting them, I can talk like it’s nothing, Kino is a different question. So if I overcome my AA then I can do a WHOLE lot better! Use Pherazone pheromones to attract women! Learn more at

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