Pheromones After all

After all, aren’t you in the relationship to get to a deep place of love and attraction? Another downside to being the bubbly princess is that you’ll be approached by a lot of me n! Now, you may not think this is necessarily bad, but just imagine being approached all the time, on the street, in cafes, and you’ll get sick of it very soon. You see, the light feminine energy that the bubbly princess exudes attracts men a lot, and because it is an open/inviting kind of energy, men will have less resistance to approaching you. Learn more at and

Whereas the next role, the Elegant Lady has more a sense of higher aura to her, and less down to earth. This means that men would have more resistance to approaching the elegant lady, as she is less open, less inviting. So on that note, let’s go to the next role… of sex pheromones The Elegant Lady The Elegant Lady is slightly less open and less inviting compared to our first role – The Bubbly Princess. She doesn’t have the bubbly nature or the cheerfulness but she shows up as a more confident woman. She takes great care of herself, and has an aura of self – assuredness, and a sense of pride deep in her psyche. The elegant lady is like a queen, someone who truly knows her own va lue, and therefore doesn’t need anyone to validate it for her. The elegant lady is truly a rare find in today’s age, where most people are overly insecure and always seeking validation externally (outside of themselves), through other people. The elegant lady knows that she is desirable, and doesn’t need to prove it to herself or to other people. She doesn’t go out and seek significance and attention from others, in fact, she sometimes hates the attention because she has had too much of his pheromone cologne. She has a sense of pheromones mystery to her that draws men in. It makes men (and women) wonder… “How is she so confident? She must be some sort of goddess to be this confident.” This back to the last volume of ACM, where we talked about becoming a High Value, High Status Woman. Let me give you some examples… Well, there was a royal wedding not long ago, which Princess Kate Middleton got married to Prince Williams. She was very poised, very calm and collected (even though the whole world was looking at her walking down the isle). You see, the elegant lady has to hold herself very well, has to have a sense of confidence and charisma. This is what separates her from the rest of the world! And of course, the elegant lady is never vulgar, never disrespectful, and would never do any thing that is too inappropriate in the moment. Here’s another example. If you’ve seen the movie “Pearl Harbor”, well, the character that Kate Beckingsale played, “Evelyn”, would be categorized as an elegant lady. Learn more at

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