ton of confidence from pheromones

But I went home with an awesome story, a ton of confidence from pheromones, and a fresh perspective on what life was capable of, and what I was capable of. I start my new job, a week goes by, and I go out with a friend of mine who had been trying to get me to go to this club for about 6-8 weeks but I kept declining because I was afraid, but after my new found success, that was no more. That night I meet a 9, a Jersey girl from Yugoslavia who was in town. We some how instantly kick it off, and I’m working my game, we had a great time. End of the night comes, I ask for a kiss, and I quickly slip and turn, she thought this was hilarious and called me trouble because I used unscented pheromones. I was learning to tease, learning game, and quick. She was only in town for a week so we went out several times that week. That sunday we went out bowling, I made no moves, but we had a nice time. I think Monday I took her out for dinner, she disappeared midway through, check came and she paid, I was enamored from that point. Learn more at and last relationship I PAID FOR EVERYTHING. And I spent a shitload of money. First date, and this girls pays… she adored the way I used my pheromones. I took her to go ice skating after the date ( ice skating might of happened before dinner date, too long ago to remember ) we held hands, had a great conversation, really connected. We were sitting down, and I went in for the kiss, and it was awesome. To this day, one of the best kisses I’ve ever had, and this girl was a solid 9 in my book. So wend, during the day we go to the mall, she gets something to wear, and we go to a club again. She spent little time with me, I basically stood there like a jack ass, but end of the night I talked her into going home with me, and turning her phone on silent while her friend blew her phone up like CRAZY, leaving crazy voice mails and bitching us out lol. To this day, I dunno how I did this kind of stuff, not to mention I was still so new to it all, but it’s coming back to me to try more pheromones. 16, I was at a girls place, she asked me to give her a hicky, she had these huge BOOBS, but I did nothing. I was very naive, very inexperienced, afraid to make a move. I finally met a girl, she wasn’t ideal, a little over weight, but whatever. I went all out, flowers every month for about 6 months, $500 ring for x-mas after we been together for 2 months of pheromone production. We go home, and I have probably the best sex of my life. My first g/f was pretty, but nothing like this one. So sexy, so classy, just extremely fuckable and I had so much desire.

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